Sustainable development management system [GRI 102-19, 102-20]

The Group’s companies manage sustainable development within the framework of the existing organizational units of PJSC Inter RAO and the companies of the Inter RAO Group. The Strategy and Investment Unit coordinates the process related to ensuring the Group’s sustainable development and organizes a comprehensive system to manage sustainable development throughout the Group.

At Inter RAO, responsibility for certain aspects of sustainable development is governed by in-house regulations and policies that are mostly approved by the PJSC Inter RAO Board of Directors or Management Board. Policies, codes, and declarations generally establish the basic principles, goals, objectives, and key activities related to sustainable development issues. These regulations govern the distribution and delegation of authority for the implementation of policies. In addition to setting goals and objectives, the programs also contain more detailed measures that specify the amount of funding for each of them.

Key corporate documents of PJSC Inter RAO in 2019
Strategies, Policies, Codes, and Declarations Regulations and programs
Strategy and sustainable development

The Group’s Long-Term Development Strategy for the Period until 2025 with a View to 2030

Business Strategy for Electricity Generation and Reliability and Safety Management

Strategic priorities for 2019

Guidelines for Assessing the Degree of Fulfillment of the Inter RAO Group’s Strategy Implementation Plan

Environmental protection
Declaration of environmental responsibility

Targeted Environmental Program

Regulation on the Management System for the Occupational, Industrial, Fire, and Environmental Safety of Production Activities of the Inter RAO Group

Innovative Development Program

Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Improvement Program

Occupational safety
Inter RAO Technical Policy

Regulation on the Management System for the Occupational, Industrial, Fire, and Environmental Safety of Production Activities of the Inter RAO Group

Work and Workers’ Life Safety Program

Workers’ Health and Active Life Program

Occupational Safety Policy

Regulation on Charity and Sponsorship

Network social projects

Charity projects

Corporate volunteering projects

Ethics, anti-corruption, and compliance

Code of Ethics

Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Policy

Compliance Policy

Antimonopoly Compliance Policy

Internal Audit Policy

Risk Management and Internal Control Policy

External Auditor Engagement Policy

Regulation on Insider Information

Regulation on Insurance Coverage

Regulation on the Internal Audit Unit

Corporate governance

Organizational Development Policy

Information Policy Regulation

Dividend Policy Regulation (with amendments)

Regulation on the Provision of Information to Shareholders

Regulation on the General Meeting of Shareholders

Regulation on the Board of Directors

Regulation on the Management Board

Regulation on the Audit Commission

Regulation on the Payment of Remuneration and Compensation to Members of the Board of Directors

Regulation on the Nomination and Remuneration Committee of the Board of Directors

Regulation on the Corporate Secretary

Regulation on the Audit and Sustainable Development Committee of the Board of Directors

Regulation on the Procedure for Considering Significant Corporate Actions

Regulation on the Assessment of the Activities of the Board of Directors

Main approaches to hiring an independent appraiser when PJSC Inter RAO concludes major related-party transactions

In 2020, the Company plans to amend the Code of Corporate Ethics and also finish drafting and approve the following internal regulatory documents concerning sustainable development, which envisage or include the Company’s obligations in such areas as:

  • Human rights
  • Staff diversification and management
  • Local community engagement
  • Social responsibility of suppliers