Staff training [GRI 103Management Approach: Staff training, 404-1, 404-2]

Inter RAO management is interested in recruiting both highly skilled personnel and young professionals. The Company devotes considerable attention to the advanced training and professional growth of young professionals and the development of production-based initiatives. The Group’s enterprises have a mentoring system and special adaptation programs in place. Mentoring reduces the job adaptation period and helps employees assimilate and adopt the existing standards and rules at the Group. This all combines to create an atmosphere of trust in the workforce. In the reporting year, the programs that were developed for staff adaptation after the induction period began to work more efficiently, which reduced turnover among young professionals.

Average hours of training per employee per year [GRI 404-1] Calculated as the ratio of the total number of training hours for a category of employees versus the number of employees in this category.
Average hours of training per employee per year [GRI 404- 1 ]

In 2019, Inter RAO staff were trained in the most pressing areas for the Group’s companies (in addition to mandatory programs), including:

  • Additional professional training (improving and maintaining employees’ professional skills)
  • Simulation training for operational personnel
  • Training sessions to develop a range of non-specialized, cross-cutting skills that promote their successfully participation in the work process and a high level of productivity (project management, planning, time management, and situational leadership)
  • Training programs for the talent pool (development of managerial skills among talent pool members)

Staff training is conducted in various forms, including full-time training, on-the-job training, and internships. Remote formats such as webinars, online courses, and microteaching are also actively used. Each employee has an opportunity to choose external and internal courses when preparing a training plan for the next calendar year. [GRI 404-2]

Training for employees is provided to continuously develop their professional knowledge, skills, and expertise. Inter RAO is further developing the Company’s existing system of continuing education for staff by increasing the number of employees who receive training as part of continuing education programs at universities as well as participating in the modernization of the actual continuing education and retraining programs.

The continuing education system in place at Inter RAO ensures the effective management of staff knowledge and the creation of HR potential that can ensure the achievement of the Company’s innovative development goals.

As part of the HR-evolution educational project, employees worked on various professional themes while teaching and learning from each other. In 2019, the following themes were covered: Inter RAO corporate competencies, corporate competency interviews, individual development plans (IDP), an assessment center, youth assets, staff rotation, potential assessment, and a 360 assessment.

The effectiveness of the curriculum is evaluated in three ways:

  • With the help of a commission set up by the employer during the certification (oral questioning) of employees after self-training along with an analysis of the learning materials (answers to questions) and the opinions of employees about how useful and interesting the material was.
  • Computer testing after undergoing remote learning.
  • Questioning of staff upon completion of training. Employees evaluate the usefulness of the material they studied, the quality of teaching and the educational materials, the relevance of the knowledge they gained, the training methods, and general aspects of training.

Inter RAO annually hosts professional skills competitions and contests.

Professional skills competitions are specially organized events that aim to assess the level of professional proficiency of staff and improve the quality of work. Competitions facilitate the process of improving software and hardware tools for training the staff of energy enterprises.

Professional skills contests are organized specifically to identify the best employees in a particular profession. They may seek to single out individual achievements in a particular profession or group achievements (best shift, branch team, etc.). The events assess both the level of technical training of specialists as well as individual and collective skills

The Group’s companies currently hold the following professional skill contests and competitions:

  • Annual open competitions among integrated teams of Inter RAO operational personnel. The competitions are designed to develop professional skills among operational personnel in order to ensure the reliable and safe operation of energy facilities. The tenth competition was held in 2019.
  • Annual open professional skills competitions among the staff of Inter RAO heating network organizations. These competitions are designed to exchange best practices in the operational management of equipment and fine tune the forms and methods of work that aim to ensure the quality and safety of equipment maintenance. The competition has been held since 2018.
  • An annual professional skills contest among shift electricians of the branches JSC Inter RAO – Electric Power Generation and JSC Nizhnevartovskaya TPP. The contest uses modern software and hardware training and distance technologies to test the knowledge of operational personnel and provide them with and simulator training.
  • Annual contests at JSC Altayenergosbyt: ‘Best Dispatcher’, ‘Best Client Office Director’, and ‘Best Senior Agent for Work with Receivables’. The contests are held to ensure the professional development and motivation of the company’s employees and the continuous improvement of employees’ knowledge, practical skills, and professional development.