Risk management measures

As a diversified energy holding, Inter RAO is exposed to a large number of risks whose effective management is a fundamental element of the Strategy and an integral component of the Group’s successful operations.

Risk management measures are prepared by specialized units at the Company based on their functional responsibilities, the specifics of each individual risk, its assessment, and the potential to mitigate the probability or consequences of the risk. The measures are included in key management documents such as the Group’s Strategy, risk management plans within the Group’s business plans, the work plans of special commissions and working groups, and project data sheets. In addition, when the Company conducts a detailed analysis of its key business processes and identifies all possible causes (factors) for risk materialization, measures are drafted, documented in the form of control procedures, and embedded in the operational activities of units.

The Inter RAO Group has a more detailed description on its website of the measures taken to manage its key risks.