AGM Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
BoD Board of Directors
CCA Competitive capacity auction
CDA Capacity delivery agreement
CHPP Combined heat and power plant
CCGT Combined cycle gas turbine unit
EBITDA Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization
ECEEIP Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Improvement Program
EPC Engineering, procurement, and construction
ESG Environmental, social and corporate governance
FGC UES Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System
GRI Global Reporting Initiative
GS Guaranteed supplier
GTU (GTPP) Gas turbine unit (gas turbine power plant)
HPP Hydroelectric power plant
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
IT Information technologies
KPI Key performance indicators
MHPP Micro hydroelectric power plant
NP Nonprofit partnership
NPP Nuclear power plant
NPS Customer loyalty index
OGC Wholesale generating company
PB Performance benchmark
PPE Personal protective equipment
RAS Russian Accounting Standards
RES Renewable energy sources
RF Russian Federation
RMICF Risk Management and Internal Control Framework
SDG UN Sustainable Development Goals
SME Small and medium-sized enterprises
SO UES System Operator of the Unified Energy System
SPO Specialized procurement organization
SRO Self-regulatory organization
TGC Territorial generating companies
TLR Overall level of engagement and loyalty
TPP Thermal power plant
TSR Total shareholder return
UES Unified energy system
UISC Unified Information and Settlement Center
WECM Wholesale electricity and capacity market
WPP Wind power plant

Measurement units and indicators

GW Gigawatt Electric power measurement unit
Gcal Gigacalorie Thermal power measurement unit
Gcal/h Gigacalorie/hour Thermal capacity measurement unit
FHUF Fuel heat utilization factor Heating efficiency assessment indicator
ICUF Installed capacity utilization factor Capacity load utilization indicator
kV Kilovolt Voltage measurement unit
kW Kilowatt Electric power measurement unit
kWh Kilowatt hour Generated electric power measurement unit
MW Megawatt Electric power measurement unit
TJ Terajoule Energy measurement unit
t/h Tons per hour Steam generating capacity measurement unit
TOE Ton of oil equivalent Measurement unit